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Happy Monday Song of the Day: Hungry Ghost | Starfucker

Good morning everyone! If you haven’t listened to Starfucker’s new album Reptilians, you should! It’s easily one of the best albums of 2011! This song sounds amazing, and has words that will get you thinking about your life. For realz.

Throwback Thursday Track of the Week: Have Love Will Travel | The Black Keys

I’ll just say it, The Black Keys are one of the greatest bands of all-time! ALL-TIME!! And this is one of their best songs.


Hip Hop Wednesday Track of the Week: Your Own Supply | OnCue

Did I post this already? Eh, I don’t care. This is one of those “new artists” tracks. You know the ones that it seems like they pour everything into. Even if they don’t make another song as good as this one, they will always have this.

Happy Friday Song of the Day: Hard In Da Paint | Waka Flocka Flame

I haven’t had a job in awhile, but I still remember the amazing feeling when it’s 5 o’clock on Friday and you are done with work. The confident stride as you pass by all your haters, the tingling anticipation of another crazy weekend (reality: at home alone). Anyways!

I always want a baller song to be jammin in my headphones as I kick open the door to freedom, and who else is better to do than Waka (waka waka waka waka waka) Flocka Flame!

Happy Friday y’all!

Happy Monday/Valentine’s/Singles’ Awareness Song of the Day!

Because I Love You | Lenny Williams

Simply put, this is one of the greatest love songs ever.

Hip Hop Wednesday Track of the Week: Forgot About Dre | Dr. Dre x Eminem x Ratatat

When I first head this track, I was like, “Eh, ok.” I mean it’s a clean mashup of “Forgot About Dre” with a nice Ratatat beat under it, but it just didn’t hit me. However, in the last week, this song has just been getting more epic. Maybe it’s the Ratatat beat that just builds and builds until you can’t help but turn it up, or maybe it’s Dr. Dre’s angry lyrics. It’s probably a combination of both, because this is now one of my favorite tracks of the year.

If you are pissed off/want to get some work done, put this song on loop.

Happy Friday Song of the Day! Fuck The Club Up x Sleigh Bells x Salem | The Hood Internet

Here on Mikey Likey, I want to start a new tradition, or basically another excuse to post some awesome music. Each Happy Friday post will have a song that will just scream out, “HELL YES IT’S FRIDAY!” If it doesn’t, I will give you your 4-6 minutes of listening back guaranteed!

This week’s inaugural post comes from The Hood Internet, who finally, FINALLY have done what no one else has been able to do,  give Sleigh Bells' "Tell Em" a proper mash-up. And of course they would mashup my #1 song of 2010 with none other than Waka Flocka Flame. These two need to make a joint album. Seriously.


Throwback Thursday Song of the Day: Dracula’s Wedding (ft. Kelis) | Outkast

So this is one of those songs that slipped through my musical grasp until… 2010. OMG I KNOW! Horrible. Just horrible. Why? Because this is a damn jam.

Feast on this.

New Song of the Day: Wanna Know Your Name (Ft. Casey Veggies) | OverDoz.

Now I could just say that this is another standard track in the growing hip-hop/indie (or “hindie”) category, but it’s slightly different. The beat feels like Avey Tare stole it right before it went to final production, threw in his personal sewer and spit it back out. But that’s a good thing! Great verses from everyone on the track, and I bet after hearing this song you will want to yell out, "I JUST WANNA KNOW YOUR NAME!!!"

New Song (JAM) of the Day: Rolling In The Deep (Jamie XX Remix) Ft. Childish Gambino | Adele