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J. Cole - Nobody’s Perfect (feat. Missy Elliott)

Always been a fan of J. Cole, more so on the production side, but this track here is what is needed right now, mostly because we need Missy back. We need her creativity back in urban music. So good to hear Missy’s voice. 

Great song.


The Rapture have performed an awesome cover of How Deep is Your Love? (originally by the Bee Gees).  They’ve updated the sound and given it a modern dance punk twist.  

Update: Mp3 | iTunes | Website

let me heaaaarrr that ssssssoooooooOOOooOOonnnnnngggggg! 

This is definitely in my Top 10 songs of 2011 list, and might be one of my favorites of all-time. Such a damn jam!


Kanye & Jay-Z - Welcome To The Jungle

I wish I could show you guys the dance I do to this. It’s like a trance the second the beat drops. And nothing pleases me more than Jay-Z announcing he’s fucking depressed and crying in public. It’s like, he’s a real human being (with $600,000,000).

Watch The Throne Track of the Day: Niggas in Paris | Jay-Z & Kanye West

Blades of Glory. Married (Mary) Kate & Ashley.

And the bridge in this song? Damn why couldn’t that have the entire song!

Ok I will be honest with you, I have just been listening to Watch The Throne since last night at 11pm, so you might not see too much diversity on this blog for awhile.

Watch The Throne Track of the Day: Gotta Have It | Jay-Z & Kanye West

Jay-Z. Kanye West. And a James Brown sample?

Sheeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiit. Instant classic.

LOLOLOL to White America!”


Little Dragon - Brush the Heat

Luminary illusions. Heavily astral arrangements are dazed by jazz driven heavier vocals. At some point in the synthesize of the natural and the celestial, the two seem as one alluringly confused phantom in tandem. Little Dragons’ hallucinatory Ritual Union was released today, find it here

Delusion danced squeamishly with the stars of the flying things. Fireflies fondled the sky as if chasing it with flashlights. My back caved into the crevices of the mud and its makings, sunk deep enough for delusions of the dark to sing. Visionless by way of languish, I couldn’t make distinct the fireflies from the enigmatic geysers of light, called space. 

Little Dragon always delivers at least four hits each album. This is one of them.

Happy Monday Song of the Day: Can’t Get Enough | J. Cole

If you have been paying attention to music at all for the past year or so, you know that J. Cole has been blowin’ it up. I love this track because the beat has the ol’ school Timbo flow from the late-90s/early 00’s.

It feels weird to say early 00’s…

Anyways! Happy Monday!