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Discovered Track of the Day: “In The Beginning” | Daughn Gibson

You know when you hear a track from a new artist not knowing what to expect? When the track starts you’re like, “Oh, ok…” then it’s like “ok, this is good…” then when that “innnnnnn the beginninnnnggggg” comes in you are like, “OH SHIT! This is a jam!”

Well, this is how I felt. And I get to hear Daughn Gibson on Friday at Pitchfork Music Festival.

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Monster Rally & RUMTUM

"Late To This One" Track of the Day: Raindrops | MR & RT

If you have been a follower of Mikey Likey, you know I love to make lists. And if you know anything about making a year-end list you know that you discover a whole bunch of great songs at the end of the year as you’re trying to decide which ones are the best. Oh the agony!

As I discover more music in 2013, I will be sure to find old tracks, and thanks to the newly-discovered Flashlight Tag music blog, I found this 2012 gem by way of this cool skateboard video

I highly suggest you check out MR & RT’s Bandcamp page where they have their full album. If you like what you hear, then give them a few bucks and buy their creations.

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Record of the Year Contender: “Let Me Be Him” | Hot Chip

Hot Chip’s new album In Our Heads is coming out on June 12th, but that shouldn’t stop you from streaming it for free on NPR.

"Flutes" is already one of my top five favorite tracks of the year, but "Let Me Be Him" might have just topped it. But I feel that any song with comments like "I want to have 6 children with this song" orI’M PREGNANT” would top ANY song.

Stay safe kids.

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This Isn't Our Parade

This Isn’t Our Parade | Santigold

I’m down in St. Petersburg, Florida for a design conference and the weather is HORRIBLE. Rainy and humid, Sunshine State my black ass! Anyways, to cheer myself up I thought I would share a song that is the exact opposite of how I feel right now. 

I think the music gods designated Santigold to deliver at least one amazing Spring/Summer anthem, and boy does she deliver. This song was made by the trees, grass, flowers, sun, wind, clouds, and all the most happy fucking animals and the most lushest-ass forest imaginable. 

If you don’t like this track, feel free to go to some point really high and jump off. Obviously, you don’t like having fun.

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