Mikey Likey

Top Songs of 2014: “All The Time” | Bahamas

I listen to a lot of music. So much so that I forget about jams I’ve heard earlier in the year. 

This is one of them.

GODDAMN THIS IS GOOD! Wow soul. Much happy. So Dirty Projectors guitar breakdowns. I’m gonna call it – it’s impossible not to be happy while hearing this song.

Oh and bonus! I get to hear this song live tonight at Schubas here in Chicago. Go on and hate.

Top Songs of 2014: "Grid" | Perfume Genius

I’ve definitely hitched on to the Perfume Genius bandwagon this year. Too Bright just came out yesterday and EVERYONE loves it. This is the second single from the album and it’s amazing. My favorite part comes at 0:40 when the track just go sideways and I’m like “shhiiiiiittttt”

For music, I like to say there are two different time periods: Before Disclosure (BD) and After Disclosure (AD). 

2013 was Disclosure’s year. Yeah Kanye had Vampire Weekend came out with amazing tracks/albums, but Disclosure brought a retro, yet fresh sound that EDM needed. Who’s Daft Punk?

Anyways as I was going through new music this year I found this track and immediately fell in love. It’s sounds like “When A Fire Starts to Burn" does live, only in your headphones. Hip Hop preacher Eric Church makes another appearance and gets me all motivated in shit. 

I was going to be sad that I couldn’t include a Disclosure track in my top 100 list this year, but no more. THEY REALLY CARE Y’ALL!

Track of the Day: "I’m Callin" | Tennis

I’ve loved Tennis since Cape Dory but I really love the new direction they’ve taken on their latest album, Ritual in Repeat. This song reminds me of Hot Chip’s “Flutes" in that over time it slowly grows on you until you are like "WHY IS THIS SONG SO FUCKIN PERFECT?!?" 

If you want a subtle, clean-ass jam, you got it right here.

New Track of the Day: “I” | Kendrick Lamar

OMGGGGGG NEW KENDRICKKKKKKK!!!! Ok, not really but it’s been awhile since K. Dot graced us with a new song. And boy has he gone for it with the "Who’s That Lady" sample!

Did he execute?

Mostly. The beat works well for his flow, and I love the uplifting message in the song, but he could have done more with this song. My feeling on samples is that if you take a song as iconic as Who’s That Lady, you gotta go for a grand slam. A double won’t do. I mean this one of the best songs of all-time, you at least gotta do what Kanye did with "Touch The Sky."

The sample is also too much like the original, so it might as well been a freestyle.

Will this song be in my Top 2014 Songs of 2014 list? Yes. Will it be close to the Top 100? Probably not. But if this is the worst song on his new album then he will be #1.


alt-J — Every Other Freckle

Tonight, alt-J’s highly anticipated sophomore album, This Is All Yours, was released. With fourteen tracks, the English band carefully navigates a dirty tongue, beautiful indie and ethereal electronica.

A slow, folksy beginning tumbles into a drumming baseline but it’s Joe Newman’s lead vocals that orchestrate this song: a testament to her form, her taste, her rawness. His voice travels up and down her body, it’s in her hair in crooning promises, on the inside of her thighs in echoing harmonies and the twinges of electronica gives her goosebumps. It makes the song imperfectly sexy, as it follows her curves from indie anthem to marching band rock to pop-electronica.

It takes guts, talent and raw sex appeal to pull off a hot serenade like this one, such a combination might only come around once a year. 2013 was Beyoncé’s “I want you to turn that cherry out” and 2014 will be alt-J’s “turn you inside out and lick you like a crisp packet.” 


"For A Night" by Ana-Tole featuring Niia

I received an email about this track and was surprised that it only racked up 600 views since it was posted three days ago. “For A Night” is such a fun, straightforward house track, the sort of perfect accompaniment to any dance floor and one that I immediately fell for on the first listen.