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alt-J — Every Other Freckle

Tonight, alt-J’s highly anticipated sophomore album, This Is All Yours, was released. With fourteen tracks, the English band carefully navigates a dirty tongue, beautiful indie and ethereal electronica.

A slow, folksy beginning tumbles into a drumming baseline but it’s Joe Newman’s lead vocals that orchestrate this song: a testament to her form, her taste, her rawness. His voice travels up and down her body, it’s in her hair in crooning promises, on the inside of her thighs in echoing harmonies and the twinges of electronica gives her goosebumps. It makes the song imperfectly sexy, as it follows her curves from indie anthem to marching band rock to pop-electronica.

It takes guts, talent and raw sex appeal to pull off a hot serenade like this one, such a combination might only come around once a year. 2013 was Beyoncé’s “I want you to turn that cherry out” and 2014 will be alt-J’s “turn you inside out and lick you like a crisp packet.” 

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"For A Night" by Ana-Tole featuring Niia

I received an email about this track and was surprised that it only racked up 600 views since it was posted three days ago. “For A Night” is such a fun, straightforward house track, the sort of perfect accompaniment to any dance floor and one that I immediately fell for on the first listen. 


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"Where Are You (Hooray for Earth Remix)" by Chad VanGaalen // Shrink Dust (Available Now via Sub Pop)

This is a case of two favorites crashing into one another and the magic that ensues. Chad VanGaalen has always had one foot in the world of the wonderfully weird and one foot in the world of pop brilliance. Hooray For Earth inhabit a similar world that adheres to their rules of experimental pop beauty. Hearing the two together inside the walls of one song could lead you to worry that something will go off the rails at any moment, but you’d be wrong. In fact, Hooray For Earth’s reworking of VanGaalen’s wild-as-fuck album track, “Where Are You” manages to rein in the jagged edges of the original and focus that explosive energy into something altogether infectiously wonderful. Under the influence of Hooray for Earth, “Where Are You” pulsates with a vibrant energy that could pass for an otherworldy psych pop hymnal. There’s something magical about what happens here that leaves you lost in the song’s radiant atmosphere - not quite a Hooray for Earth song, but no longer VanGaalen’s lovely oddity. Definitely check this out and if you like what you hear, grab a free download by hitting the “down arrow” in the album artwork.

In LOVE with this track.

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Ed Thomas - On My Own

I am so fully into Ed thomas’ ”On My Own.”

The music video is slightly surreal without being silly, it’s soft and almost sensual without being satirical. It’s a combination of the confidence of the participants and the sultry crooning of Thomas. It doesn’t hurt that one of the guys definitely is a reincarnation of matured Paul Newman.

Thomas masters a modern 1970’s Phil Collins: a funky, electronica chill wave soaking wet in nostalgia. And I want to describe the dance move that this song makes me do—it’s like I move my neck side to side but in a kind of wave motion? Do you know what I mean? Does it even have a name?

Whatever. The point is, I’ll be jamming out with to this song all summer while doing that nameless dance move.

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Pharrell begins all his songs the same way?

"Pharrell is an incredible and legendary producer and songwriter who leans on one tic frequently, as this mix from the blog Discopop makes clear […].

What you’re hearing is Pharrell taking the first beat of the first bar and looping it four times before the song begins in earnest. He does this across a whole bunch of tracks, including massive hits like Kelis’ “Milkshake” and Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” and a number of songs from his solo album G I R L.” (via Gawker)

This story has been making the rounds on the Internet. Unfortunately, what many articles fail to mention is that a count-in/1234/whatever you want to call it is pretty common in hip-hop. And in a DVD commentary, Pharrell has mentioned that he uses this technique as a tribute to Michael Jackson. 


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If you are still looking for the song of the summer, STOP LOOKING. I have found it for you.

  • Her name is Kiesza. She is Canadian.
  • She is a classically trained ballet dancer.
  • She was a codebreaker in the Canadian Navy.
  • The song is called Hideaway. It is the jam to end all jams.
  • The song is bringing back C+C Music Factory 90s house realness.
  • This is going to be huge.

Y’all take care.

So I knew 10 seconds into this song I was going to reblog it.

Holy shit that was good!

omg what did i just watch

Yep. This has been one of my favorites of 2014 so far.

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